Sunday, May 1, 2016

What Is Creativity??

Recently, I got into some discussions about "What is Creativity." My first reaction was to think about people in the artistic fields - writers, musicians, artists, sculptors. What is the secret behind their "creativity"? Are they born with creative genes, is it their environment, or is it self generated. Good question. Maybe God said "you will be creative and you will not".

I will see an abstract painting and say to myself, I can do this. Looks like something a 4th grader did. Then I try. Wrong. It is the creative genesis of the artist who created it. Same way with a trying to write a short story, sculpt, etc.

Then the question is: is creativity limited to only the art fields? I don't believe it is. What about the entrepreneur who starts a company - isn't this Creativity? What about the executive that conceives an innovative marketing strategy for their company - Creativity? Or the doctor who comes up with a new operation procedure - Creativity? I feel everyone can be creative in their own way, IF they let themselves. IF they take off the mental blinders off.

I feel creativity must come from the gut. Feel a passion for something. DO IT. Unfortunately, many people tell themselves, I am not creative - I can't do this. Why not try? Who cares if people say this is stupid, you are wasting your time. I find creative people in all fields have thick skin. On the one hand, they often feel their efforts and works aren't good enough and they are not good enough. Then, with a passion, the next day they are up and running - creating a new painting, a new necklace, a new real estate development plan.

OK then, "What is Creativity?" It is the ability to open up one's mind totally, tell one's self  "let's have fun and come up with something new and I don't care what anyone thinks and says." Wake up in the middle of the night and say "YES" I can do this. Have the passion to never stop.


John Gabrielson