Friday, October 18, 2019

Creativity is Alive and Well

Boy, I just noticed it has been 2 years since I posted last. Where does time go when one is having fun? Creativity is still alive and well if FL I can tell you. Everyday it seems like a new idea comes to mind to attempt. Most are not doable or just too dorky. But, then there is the spark of light that comes in the middle of the night. Where it comes from, who knows, but it is fun.

The last two years have been fun creating stuff. Am still doing a few stump tables and sculptures, but am now into wood picture frames from reclaimed wood, African bead necklaces, leather bracelets, driftwood adventures. I keep telling myself "focus" but when I try another idea comes to mind and I HAVE to try it. Is this creativity or just being a scatterbrain? It is interesting how the more I do, the more things overlap as to the techniques and being able to apply one creation to another.

I went to an art fair this last year and loved the African bead necklaces, so I thought I would try them. This led me to appreciate the beauty of these colorful handmade beads. Here are some of my pieces:

Then a friend asked me to make him a leather bracelet. So this is the result:

A friend is a wildlife and SW artist.  I offered to make some frames for him, then for other friends and family members. I try to use reclaimed wood from scrap piles and builder's excess specialty wood. Here is what turned out:

A jewelry artist friend of mine also collects Lake Superior driftwood to use in sculptures. She gave me inspiration to try and do a few things with this natural material.

One day I was reading an interior design magazine and I came across an article on shou sugi ban. This is the ancient Japanese technique to waterproof exterior wood for structures. It entails burning the surface of the wood to create a solid black finish. I got sort of hooked on this and made these things:

Sorry, I don't mean to bore you or to brag, only trying to point out how creativity, if approached with an open mind, can open many opportunities to have fun and make cool or dorky stuff. All one has to do is say "sure, let's try it" and close the ears to "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" comments from others.

Happy Happy Creating. Key is to have fun, and maybe make some money along the way.

John or Gabby