Sunday, January 1, 2017

What is this Aging All About?

OK, as long as this is my blog, I am taking the opportunity to post a totally different thing than my usual wood and creative stuff.

I just turned 75 and am semi retired, or just messing around depending on who you ask. Am I old, over the hill, should be taken care of, or what? As I say "bull shit." That 75 is just a number on my driver's license. Probably look 75 or 80, but feel like I am 55.

If you are bald, grey hair and with a few (or more) wrinkles, often we are put into an
"oh oh, better take care of them" category. When I go grocery shopping at Publix, the bagger always grabs my cart to take to the car,  I suppose assuming I will croak if I do it myself. I "nicely' tell the person that I can handle it and it is good exercise. I know they are just being kind and probably do it to younger people also. Then people will say "pardon me SIR", or "you first SIR." I am not a SIR, I am a happy, healthy 75 year old that could whip many of these kids, well maybe in my dreams. Then when you are trying to help move something heavy, which I could do, people run to take over. I don't need help. Shove off. Boy, do I sound like a grumpy old man.

My name is Gabby. Not good for a 75 year old I guess. People, other then friends, are reluctant to call me by this name. Maybe it should be something more respectable of my age, or not something a kid would be called. Big rip. I am Gabby.

I find "aging" a very interesting and challenging time in our lives. We ache more, fall down more, have memory losses, and look forward to that afternoon nap. I have found a little Aleve helps a lot, and maybe a glass of wine or two. It is interesting because of the perception that we are in the twilight of our years. Sure our time is limited, but this is where the challenge is. What do we want to do for the rest of our lives, whether it is 2 or 20 years. We can either knuckle under and feel sorry for ourselves or "go for the gusto." I go with the Gusto option.

Sometimes I am amazed with my "wisdom." Not that I am smart, but I guess living for 75 years gives me a lot more insight into things. I find it fun to use this wisdom in new ways and with new ideas. I have learned to temper my comments to my children. It is so easy to "tell them the way." I have found that my way often is not the best, especially in the new tech world we live in. So, I now keep my big mouth shut until I am asked for advise.

So, now that I am 75, what do I do now, especially if I feel like I am 55?  Well, that is a good question. I hate to speak out much due to it seeming like I am preaching on how to lead a better life to my peers.. This is not my intention at all. Each to their own desires. I find it a very introspective time. With the free time we have as retirees, the "world can still be our oyster," OR the world can be a depressive prison. I read a lot on what us "Boomers" or older, "should" do in in our later years. Words are fine, but I have found it takes internal motivation to lead a better, more fulfilling life. This can be hard, unless one really wants to change, and often change a lot.

I have found old ways and beliefs often have to be thrown into the dumpster. I have been burdened with "if only I had done this", or "doing this is below my status," or "what will people think of me." I have broken through this barrier by myself and with help. It was not easy for awhile. Fortunately, I am "thru the dark tunnel" and looking at a beautiful sunlit life ahead of me. Sure there are and will be many bumps along the way, but I yell at myself that I will be able to handle them.

I keep telling myself: laugh a lot, DO NOT take life and it's events seriously - things will pass, take the blinders off, eat that extra bagel, take a nap, sleep until 9, love - love- love, bring joy to someone everyday - especially strangers. As a good friend has said: "we are only here for a visit and each passing day makes our time shorter."

OK, that is off my mind. Now back to wood and creating blogs.

Happy New Year everyone. LIFE CAN BE  AND IS GOOD. GRAB THE GUSTO.



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