Monday, October 30, 2017

Apathy of the Human Spirit

I am going to vary my "wood" blogs for a moment in order to comment on what I feel is the growing apathy of the human spirit. This is a large subject. I am not a professional in this field of psychology, but it is something I become more aware of daily.

By apathy among people, I mean people who are happy in their "comfort zone" of life and do not want to "rattle the cage." Apathy is defined in Wikipedia as: "A lack of feeling, interest, and concern. A state of indifference. A suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation, and/or passion." People who are not interested in speaking out if their beliefs are hindered in any way. "Let your voice be heard" is not acceptable behavior. Who am I to argue against any of this. Each person has a right to his or her own lifestyle and how they want to live it. However, things in life do not change unless there are people who are willing to speak out and fight for their beliefs. The status quo continues and the powerful people have the ability to control a lifestyle according to their desires and motivations.

This is not a modern day occurrence. The Romans were ruled by the few. When there was a revolt, it was slammed down. Corruption and self dealing finally led to the downfall of Rome. The French and the Bolshivic  revolutions happened when the apathetic population finally, after centuries of power control by the elite, let their voices be heard. When the power structure was threatened, they attempted to put it down. The people rose up, apathy went away, and their world was changed for the better. Look what happened to Germany. Hitler rose to power with a powerful few at his side, had an excellent "marketing"program, and there existed a general apathy from the populous. Look what occurred when the world finally realized what was happening. Apathy changed to action and Hitler was defeated.

I mentioned that I am concerned with a "growing" public apathy. Looking at the past, I guess today is no different then history. Humans are human. Nothing changes unless people are determined to change things. Step up, be counted, have conflict if necessary, BUT let your voice be heard if one wants change. I see too many people gripe about issues, but never take the net step to speak out.

America was built by patriots who dared to let their voices and actions be heard. Washington, Hamilton, Hale, and many others. What happened? America severed British control and started the greatest country in the world in 1776. What would have happened if these patriots would have just sat back and accepted the status quo? The United States could have become multiple countries as the British parceled us out to Spain, Mexico, Russia, and others.

Let's look at others who have "let their voices be heard." Gandhi. Churchill. Lincoln. Roosevelt. ML King. Gloria Steinem. Castro. Gabby Gifford.

I understand these people are anomolies. The world will never have many of these super achievers. But, each person can, if determined enough, shed their apathy and make a change in little ways. Ways that will make life better not only for them, but for their neighbors, fellow countrymen, and the world.

***The above was written in Summer 2017. LOOK what has happened since:

The Weinstein sexual abuse scandal has rocked Hollywood and many other entities both public and private. For many years, people kept silent about what they knew was wrong. Finally, Rose McGowan spoke out in a forceful manner about being raped by Weinstein. The flood gates opened with 58 accusers. This protest is spreading to other accusers. This could be the most influential social movement in American history. No longer will sexual abusers get away with their acts.

In order to protest civil rights abuses and racial injustices, NFL players decided to "Let Their Voice Be Heard" by kneeling during the American anthem and flag raising. This was not out of disrespect for the flag, America, or our military. It was a forceful way to protest and demand change in racial relations.

Hard to imagine these issues have been around for years, with a lot of people aware, but by hiding under the rug life was safer.

 Enough said. I will get back to creativity on my next posts.

John (Gabby) Gabrielson
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